Image & Look

The unique look and image created for the Commonwealth Youth Games 2008 reflect the heritage of the host city and state. The logo created is a result of an aesthetic blending of culture and modernity. The seal carrying the host city name is formed from the confluence of the city values and the historical seal of the great Maratha king, Shivaji Maharaj.

The seal thus signifies the intrinsic ethos of the city - an amalgamate of the old and the new.
The Pictograms

The pictograms used are also an extension of the same concept, wherein a balance is sought, and the rich cultural heritage is ably balanced with the use of modern day graphics. The result is marvellous, the pictograms for the Commonwealth Youth Games have been derived from the tribal art form of Warli and have the sleekness of the pictograms of Munich Olympic Games.
The Mascot
The mascot of the III Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008 is the younger brother of 'Shera', the mascot of the Commonwealth Games 2010. His name is “Jigrr”. He is young, impish, playful, mischievous, intelligent, sporting, alert and full of life, all set to energize Pune for Commonwealth Youth Games 2008. Incorrigibly competitive and incredibly brave, he is oozing with confidence and the twinkle in the eye reflects his 'I can do it' attitude.

Jigrr is an amalgam of the Hindi word "Jigar", which implies courage and the sound of a tiger roar (grrr...). Jigrr is also phonetically similar to Tiger.

Jigrr will not only promote the Youth Games at Pune but also spread his enthusiasm for sports among the youth of India. He is here to spread pure joy of youth and give a smile to everyone.
Colour Waves

The vibrant colour waves which form a major part of the Commonwealth Youth Games identity demonstrate the ethos of the games. Each colour represents core values that each participating member and the host city stand by. The colour waves stand for pride, achievement, celebration, harmony and joy. They convey the dynamic nature of the city and its youth; the overlapping waves portray the interaction amongst the participating countries. The whole concept revolves around enthusiasm and sheer energy which is embodied in the youth. The event being specially conducted for youth the colour waves aptly symbolise this spirit of enthusiasm and energy.

The seal, the pictograms and the colour waves together lend a classy, youthful energetic, dynamic and contemporary look to the entire event. They encapsulate the intrinsic idea of the Commonwealth Youth Games and thus create an outstanding identity for the multi-sporting event to be held in Pune in 2008.
The Games are now over. This site is for reference only. For the latest news and information on the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games please visit the CGF website.

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