15th October 08
Men's and Women's 100 m Gold
Sri Lanka's Shehan Abeypitiyage is CYG's fastest sprinter

Sri Lankan sprinter Shehan Abeypitiyage is the fastest boy of the Commonwealth Youth Games. The 18 year old student of Gateway International School, Colombo, who has been making waves at the international level, set a new game record, clocking 10.43 seconds at the 3rd Commonwealth Youth Games in Pune today. The earlier game record was held by Tyrone Edgar of England with 10.71 seconds, set in 2000

Suwalbou Sanneh of Gambia finished second with a timing of 10.52 seconds and Jason Rogers of St.Kitts & Nevis with 10.52 seconds.
1 Shehan Abeypitiyage SRI    10.43
2 Suwalbou Sanneh  GAM   10.51
3 Jason Rogers     SKN  10.52
4 Henry Deji Tobais      ENG 10.52
5 Allister Clarke   SKN 10.63
6 Ray Williams AUS   10.69
7 Chukwuma Onyeaku   NGR  10.71
8 Philip Hayle CAN    10.89.
Shauna Thompson wins women's 100m gold

Shauna Thompson has emerged the fastest girl of the Commonwealth Youth Games, winning the Women's 100 m final, setting a new game record of 11.46 seconds. The earlier record was held by Gemma Ryde of Scotland at 12.03 seconds, set in 2000.

Shauna Thompson sprinted ahead of Eloise Graf of Australia who finished second with 11.80 seconds, closely followed by compatriot Lauren O'Sullivan, who clocked 11.81 seconds. Loudia Norman of Canada, Arlene Gower of South Africa, Stella Silas from Nigeria were also in the race.
1 Shauna Thompson  ENG 11.46
2 Eloise Graf   AUS 11.80
3 Lauren O Sullivan  AUS 11.81
4 Loudia Laarman   CAN 11.95
5 Arlene Gower    RSA    12.02
6 Stella Silas   NGR     12.03
7 Marcela Peterson   SKN  12.10
8 Chantelle Morrison  CAY     12.15
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